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"Wyleaner" has traveled to many places and sang in front of many audiences by the grace of GOD.
Having sang through out the country in such places as Kentucky, Indiana, Missouri, Ohio,
Florida, N. Carolina, S. Carolina, Illinois, Washington D.C. Louisiana, New Jersey, Maryland, Northern &
Southern California. We are talking about many facilities such as Caesars Palace, The Sands, The Tropicana,
The Historical Landmark, Sharks, Calamity Jane’s, The Sahara, The Rio, many churches to name a few AME
Zion, St. John MBC, New Light Baptist, New Jerusalem, Macedonia,
Moments of Miracles, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Abundant Life SDA. She has also
performed on BET for such personalities as Dr. Bobby Jones, Vicki Winans, and Edwin Hawkins. This young
lady has performed the National Anthem at the Thomas & Mack Stadium, and the State Democratic
Convention, not to leave out many
weddings funerals and concerts. She was blessed to meet someone who
believed in her which inspired her to become a song writer. As a result now having released her new CD
which is on the shelf in stores now and being played over the air titled;

“All Because Of You”. This CD has original material, written composed and executively produced by
“Wyleaner” on her own
Independent Record Label “SOTH” Records
and publishing co. Songs Of The Heart Music.

She says:
“I will be thrilled to come and share my ministry of music with you and your audience you are guaranteed to
be blessed through song & my testimony!”


Wyleaner, the girl, had a very dysfunctional life. She was raised on the road by a man and woman, who
traveled from city to city and state to state professing to be evangelist, as they conducted revivals at
various churches with alias names....(all listed below). Both of whom are now deceased under the names
of Willie Nelson and Willie Mae Faucette, both were known in the South Carolina area. Wyleaner later
learned they were not her birth parents as they claimed all of her childhood life. As a result of being left to
live with various people in churches Wyleaner was sexually abused as a child on more than one
occasion by so called trusted adults. When she was a young teen, her alleged parents abandoned her to
struggle alone on the streets of Charlotte N.C. and finally Madisonville Kentucky. Wyleaner became a
pregnant teen and her struggle became even more intense. She eventually got married but had to deal
with domestic violence, verbal and mental abuse. Fleeing that situation, she was then homeless and her
1-year-old child was actually stolen from her by the same couple pretending to be her parents. This
became a life long tragedy for Wyleaner to deal with in addition to the 20 years it took to eventually find
her son, were the hardest years of her life. Wyleaner had her son registerd with several missing children
network organizations, she eventually found him on Father's day of 1994, at the time he was still with the
woman who stole him as of then she called herself Willie Mae Faucette. "Wyleaner and her son Antonio
did not know this woman by the same name. She also lead them both to believe she was their biological Wyleaner has yet to find her own biological parents.
She says: " I will never give up my search for my true biological parents and relatives, just as I never gave
up searching for my son".

If you've had contact with this woman or man during the years of
1955 - 1965

His family says that his name is officially ROY LEE NESBITT, although he died as WILLIE NELSON in Las
Vegas Nevada he is originally from Welford South Carolina.

They were often known in churches as Evangelists and Preachers, mostly seen around the North and
South Carolina, Illinois, Missouri, Baltimore, and Washington DC areas to say the least.

As the story continues, GOD gave Wyleaner strength to carry on, try marriage again and again, and to
raise two more children. However, with yet one divorce after another, she became a struggling single
mom. But, GOD is good!

Today, Wyleaner has been married for 13 years to her husband Charles and is the mother of three adult
children: Antonio (found), Albert and Samantha and has grandchildren: 5 boys, 4 girls! She also has 1
Daughter -in-law and 1 Son-in-law.

Wyleaner has been very active in her community. Through a weekly community service program
feeding the homeless, she has helped serve 200 to 300 people at a time.

As a singer contributributing to Prison Ministry she has ministered in song at the 3 prisons in Nevada.
Before retiring after working 20 years for the Clark County School District, Wyleaner gave classroom
presentations talking to students about the music industry as a career and performing for them in school
She sang the National Anthem for the school district union conference, and sporting events at the
Thomas and Mack stadium.
While working, Wyleaner also perfected her brand forming her own music publishing company and was
the first African-American female in Nevada to own and operate her own TV network, SOTH TV KEGS 30.1.

She has also had lead roles in plays put on by the Las Vegas Black Gospel Theater and was Awarded
with The Gospel Female Vocalist of the Year Award, and The Las Vegas Queen Of Gospel "LIVING LEGEND
Award, presented by, The Las Vegas Gospel Music Awards Foundation. She has toured performing with
many well-known singers such as: Dr. Bobby Jones, Vicki Winan, Edwin Hawkins just to name a few.
Wyleaner was, previously (soon to return) hosting her own weekly talk show, “The Wyleaner Show:
Where The Rubber Meets The Road” on local radio, on the internet visually and even on cable TV in
Pakistan! Wyleaner is now known around the GLOBE as THE LAS VEGAS QUEEN OF GOSPEL! She loves
being a part of the world community and being able to be of assistance to those in need. Wyleaner is well
respected by many throughout the world and has worked hard to build a positive legacy in the city of Las
Vegas, Nevada.

She says, “I can relate to what they are going through, having been there myself. My goal is to be a
positive roll model for many and bring uplifting to those who are going through something or just simply
need some encourgement"

You can watch Wyleaner's shows every Saturday LIVE from 5pm - 6pm (pst) on her website: Wyleaner will also be more than happy to come and speak to your audience of
women and young people too! She will be willing to bring an added treat with song to your event as well.
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